We are pleased to announce that our new database system in conjunction with Gymnastics Club Manager is now available, we have been delaying its launch to coincide with our fee increase over the past few months. These new fees will now increase in October for our current users.

Gymnastics club manager gives you as a parent your own log in account, this will enable you to see your child’s information, change address, update badges received, and in the future pay for any competitions, events or camps. We are also hoping in the next coming month to communicate via email through our fantastic new database. As of September 5th your current direct debit collection will stop as Gymnastics Club manager will now be taking all of your collections from your account as of the 1st October.

We are asking each member to sign up here


We will be checking regularly to ensure that everyone has signed up correctly and is in the correct class. If you have issues accessing the internet, then please speak to one of the administration team who will be able to assist you in connecting to the internet via one of the club Laptops or iPad.

If you have any queries, then please do not hesitate to speak to one of the admin team.