Poole Open

Medals galore for Waveney Special Needs Gymnasts.

At a recent competition held in Poole, Dorset the gymnasts from Waveney Gymnastics Club who attend our special needs classes travelled to the south coast for one of the biggest competitions held in the country. Clubs from across Great Britain entered a variety of gymnasts with special needs to take part in both trampoline and gymnastic competitions for different categories of disability. Under the coaching of Ellen Hutchings and supported at the competition by coach Kenadee Hosty, the youngsters gave an excellent account of their skills at all levels.

In the trampoline ten (10) bounce events the results were as follows: - for under twelve year olds Stephanie Sullivan scored 7.05 and 1st place; in the under sixteen year olds Emily Buck scored 8.45 and 2nd place; in the under twelve year olds Benjamin O'Keefe scored 8.75 and 1st place; in the same age group Harvey Goldsmith scored 7.80 in 2nd place and in the class for under sixteen year olds Jason Blyth scored 4.45 to be placed 2nd. All five competitors came away with a medal, what a great achievement for them.

In the girls gymnastic competition, which was on floor, vault and beam the youngsters had the opportunity to win individual medals for each of their exercises. At under twelve, level two Stephanie Sullivan scored 15.2 on floor, 18.9 on vault and 16.85 on beam where she won the bronze medal; also at level two for the under sixteen age group Emily Buck scored 15.55 on floor, 19.6 on vault and 18.35 on beam to win a gold medal on vault and beam.

The boys competition for gymnastics was held on floor, vault and parallel bars where at level one for under sixteen year olds Jason Blyth 16.5 on floor, 18.2 on vault and 15.0 on bars to be fourth on all three pieces of apparatus, so just missing a medal; at level two for under twelve year olds Harvey Goldsmith scored 18.8 on floor, 19.0 on vault and 16.05 on bars to win gold medals on floor and vault and silver on parallel bars; Benjamin O'Keefe in the same competition was very close with 18.2 on floor and silver medal, 18.8 on vault for bronze and 17.6 on bars to take the gold;

Any local company interested in sponsoring the youngsters of this section of the club or any other aspiring gymnasts should contact the club on waveneygymnastics@aol.com or phone to speak to a club officer on 01502 501419.

Sapphire Invitational

Waveney Gymnastics Club were delighted with the results the girls have been getting recently.  The club were even more pleased when two gymnasts from the club Taran Pledger and Jenna Delauney were selected to compete for the county at the Sapphire Invitational 2014.  

The girls made up the team with two other gymnasts one from Ipswich and the other from Bury St Edmunds to make the team.  Head Coach Alex Row was selected to be the second coach and take the team around at the competition another achievement not just for the girls but the club as well.  The girls performed fantastically throughout the competition, unfortunately Jenna picked up and injury on her first piece but managed to push through the pain to perform on the next two pieces and achieving one of the highest team scores on vault of 12.700.  Her team mate and fellow Waveney Gymnast Taran scored the highest on both floor and vault for the team with a score of 12.950 on vault and 11.900 on floor.  All the girls competed extremely well managing to pick up the Gold with a team score of 137.450

All at the club were extremely pleased with the girls results, not only was it the first time any Waveney Gymnast had been selected to compete at this competition, but to also come home with the gold was an amazing achievement and all at Waveney Gymnastics are extremely proud.

Regional Qualifier 2014


At the regional competition for the national development plan set routines, held at Pipers Vale Gymnastic Centre in Ipswich on Saturday 20th September a group of young male gymnasts from Waveney Gymnastics Club put their skills to the test. The reward in finishing in a high enough place was a position in the regional team for their age group and therefore a chance to compete at the national finals, to be held in Birmingham at the beginning of September.

The club was represented by ten(10) gymnasts, some competing at this level of competition for the first time. The competition was in two distinct levels of ability, namely the elite grade standard and the club grade standard. In the elite grade for boys aged nine(9), Luca  Hammond scored an impressive 69.85 to win the bronze medal in third place. This included excellent scores of 9.60 on pommel, 9.45 on parallel bars and two scores of 8.90 on floor and vault. In the grade three(3) category Declan Davies scored a total of 46.55 to finish in third place, also winning a bronze medal. His best two scores were 8.75 on vault and 8.50 on high bar. he will need to focus on pommel and the physical preparation sections before the final in order to score significantly better. Both Luca and Declan will be part of their respective regional age group teams for the finals.

In the other competition for those gymnasts who have been following the club grade path for set routines, Waveney had seven(7) boys in grade one(1) who were competing at this event for the first time. All these boys are aged over 8 and under 9.

Jamie Bretton scored a total of 46.95 to finish in 25th place with 8.65 0n vault and 8.20 0n pommel; Joshua Utting scored 54.00 to finish in 14th place with 8.80 on both pommels and parallel bars as well as two other scores above eight; Mason Cleverly scored a total of 55.65 to finish 12th with 9.60 on pommel and 9.05 on vault; Harley Hawes scored a total of 56.60 in 10th place and scores of 9.35 on pommel together with a further five scores above eight on the other apparatus; Alex Pelekanou scored a total of 57.00 in finishing 8th, which was helped by scores of 9.30 on pommel and 9.10 on parallel bars together with three other scores above eight; Kyle Davies scored a total of 59.15  to finish in 7th place with 9.55 on pommel, 9.40 on parallel bars and 9.10 on vault showing a consistent performance; Brodie Davis scored a total of 62.00 to finish in 2nd place and win the silver medal. An all around good day for Brodie with scores of 9.00 on floor, 9.60 on pommel, 9.10 on vault and 9.70 on parallel bars plus all other scores above eight. This group of boys performed well and Brodie will be a member of the regional team for this age group, with Kyle and Alex as reserves.  

At the club grade level two category for boys under ten(10) years of age Gregor Belousov scored 61.30 to finish f4th in this age group. He produced scores of 9.50 on pommel, 9.35 on vault, 9.10 on parallel bars and 9.20 on physical preparation. Only one of Gregor's scores was just below eight so he had a very consistent all around competition and again was selected for the regional team. Well done to all these gymnasts and to their coaches Alex Row, Michael Garrod and Clark Gould in preparing them for this event. Thanks also go to Declan Ayers for his attendance at the competition to represent the club as a qualified judge.

Boys London Open

Boys London Open

Boys London Open

Waveney gymnastics boys competed in the 114th London open.  With the boys competing all weekend in a number of different ages a levels.  The first set of competitions were on the Friday, this competition was for the rising stars of the future as it was the Elite Performance Pathway competition.  All the boys hat enter this competition were those who were aim to be at the top of the gymnasts totem pole.  Waveney had 2 boys competing in the competition both in Level 1, Luca Hammond competing in the In age competition and Kieran Davies competing in the out of age competition.  Luca had a tough competition but managed to fend off the opposition to secure a 20th place out off 44 of the best gymnasts in the UK, Lucas highlight of the competition was a second place on Pommel with a score of 9.650.  Kieran had a very tough competition, this was his first time performing at such a big event, he had a good competition with a few little mistake he however, didn’t let this get to him scoring a 9.00 on vault allowing him to be in the 4th place spot.

The Saturday’s competition saw the FIG events of the weekend with big names such as Daniel Keating, Kristian Thomas, Nile Wilson and ex Waveney Gymnastics member Giarnni Regini-Moran.  Waveney still had presence at the competition with Declan Ayers putting together some good routines with many new skills.  He came 12th overall out of 32 competitors, Declan also scored 13.350 on floor to give him a 5th place finish on this apparatus.  Many of the gymnasts in front are national squad members so a good result for the Waveney Gymnast.  

Sunday saw the turn of the other Waveney Gymnasts competing in the London Development Open.  The first competition of the day was for the Level 1 age group which Waveney had 7 gymnasts competing in.  Kyle Davies had a fantastic day coming second all around with a score of 54.100, this was helped with his gold medal performance on parallel bars.  He was closely followed by Brodie Davis who scored 52.350 this gave him a 7th place All around Brodie also putting a great performance in on P-bars to gain a score of 8.800 giving him a 6th place. The boys were supported all the way by their performance from Alex Pelekanou 21st, Harley Hawes 24th, Mason Cleverly 25th  and Joshua Utting 44th without the support of their team mates both Brodie and Kyle may not have been able to achieve such great scores. Also in the level 1 age group but competing in the under 8 category was Oliver Wiley who much like Kieran on the Friday had a tough competition but still managing a 30th place all around, both coaches of Kieran and Oliver are very proud of their achievements from their first major competition.  Later in the day came the turn of the older boys Gregor Belousov and Thomas Wiley who were both competing in the level 2 competition.  Gregor who was competing in the In age category had one of the biggest competitions of the whole weekend and to come 35th was a great achievement, there were a few minor errors which kept him from taking any of the higher positions, still to perform so well at such a big competition was a great achievement.  Also competing at the level 2 age group was Thomas Willey who put together some cracking routines to achieve another medal for the club; scoring 37.400 Thomas managed to take home the silver medal.

Overall the weekend was a great success from what has been a difficult time for the club Head Coach Alex Row said ‘the boys have done a fantastic job over the whole weekend an I am really pleased to see so many Waveney Gymnasts'.  We had some mistake but we will take those away and improve ready for next week’s regional qualifier.’       

County Voluntary 765 & Age Group Competition

The busy competition season continued for the girls with the county age groups competition, which was held at Ipswich Gymnastics Club. 12 girls from the club travelled to Ipswich to perform in the competition which could lead to some gymnasts making the regional final.  First competition was for the youngest age group at level 7; competing for the club we had Paris Whiting and Caitlin Eke, both gymnasts struggled a little on Beam, but pulled it back putting very good routines down on the other 3 pieces to score 42.25 and 37.40.  

In the second competition of the day Waveney had the highest number of gymnasts they had for any competition of the day, with Lexi Hammond, Georgina Parr, Katlin Sinden and Mia Patel competing in the Level 6 category. At the same time as Lily Thompson-Harris and Kaiya Eastell competing in the Pre Level 4 group.  All gymnasts did a great job with a few mistake from all.  The girls managed to come out with some really high scores with the highlight being Georgina Parr scoring 45.00 is give her a second place; as well as Lily Thompson-Harris and Kaiya Eastell both achieving good scored to allow them to lead through to the regional competition.  

The second competition also brought the clubs only Junior Challenge gymnasts Caitlin Dyer into the frame, even though just coming back from injury managing to score 42.45 ensure she secured 2nd place and a silver medal. 

In the final competition of the day were some of the clubs more senior gymnasts competing in the level 3 age group Waveney had; Kiera Kane, Taran Pledger and Jenna Delaunay and Annabel Scarle.  Again the girls put another extremely good performance in with some gymnasts coming out with high scores on Vault and Floor.  These scores lead to Kiera grabbing the bronze medal with 42.25.

Bury Teams Competition


Start Of The Season 

The girls winter competition season start with the bury teams, where teams of gymnasts have to travel to Bury Spectrum Gymnastics Club in Bury St Edmunds to compete against other teams from around the region. 

The first competition for the level 7’s we only had an individual Caitlin Eke, Caitlin was using this competition as a run out for future comps, she had a great competition a good test to see where improvement could be made, but to score 40.30 for a first time out is a great result.

The second competition of the day saw Waveney first team which consisted of Lexi Hammond, Kaitlin Sinden, Mia Patel and Paris Whiting, these girls were competing at level 6 and up against some stiff competition.  All the girls worked well as a team supporting each other throughout helping them to achieve a team score of 127.05, a good team score just not quite enough to make a medal position.  As this was the first time many of the girls had worked together as a team it was great to see them all working together supporting each other. 

The final competition of the day was for the level 3 gymnasts, were Waveney were able to put two teams in.  Red team were Taran Pledger and Jenna Delaunay and the blue team made up of Annabel Scarle and Kiera Kane.  Again this was a tough competition with 10 teams all competing for the honours of level 3 champions.  Both team went round the competition together and atmosphere amongst them was amazing, the red team of Taran and Jenna just pulled ahead of Annabel and Kiera scoring 85.35 to Annabel and Kiera 80.30.  Both teams however, did very well putting some new routines together, and with some positive remarks from the judges were able to move onto the next competition.