London Open

On the boys artistic gymnastics front, the club sent young gymnasts to the London Open event, which is one of the most prestigious competitions in the calendar for men's gymnastics and can be used as a measure against the top gymnasts from across the country, as well as a guide to selection for future national squads. These boys are coached by Ashleigh Moore, the club's senior coach for boys and Declan Ayers, one of our excellent developing coaches, who works alongside Ashleigh. This London Competition took place over the weekend of 9th and 10th September at the Redbridge Sports Centre.

In the two days of competition the gymnasts were representative of the whole of the Great Britain. The gymnasts came from as far as Scotland, Wales, Devon, Newcastle, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Uttoxeter, Wrexham, Rugby, West Lothian, Bristol, Swansea and all counties in England, so a huge event.

In the level 1Elite competition for gymnasts under 8 years of age Waveney had three entries, Rory Spurgeon, Carlton Townson and Oakley-Jai Eaton. All these boys were taking part in this competition for the first time. All three finished in the top ten places overall, which is an achievement in itself. Oakley scored a total of 44.201 to be placed 8th and this included a top ten finish on Floor 8.567 (1st) and gold medal, Rings with 8.100 (8th), Parallel Bars 8.000 (9th), Pommel Horse 5.700 (9th and Vault 9.667 (5th): Carlton scored a total of 46.402 to be overall 6th which included Floor 7.967 (4th), Rings 8.734 (6th), Pommel 7.667 (6th), Vault 9.967 (2nd) and silver medal: Rory scored a total of 51.602 to be placed overall 3rd and winner of the bronze medal, which included Rings 9.434 (2nd) silver medal, Pommel 9.100 (2nd0 silver medal, Vault 9.834 (4th), Parallel Bars 9.134 (4th) and High Bar 8.900 (5th). 

In the level 1Club competition for under 8 year olds Noah Scott scored a total of 49.234 to be placed overall 9th out of forty (40) gymnasts. This included a top ten finish on three of the six pieces of apparatus, Floor 9.134 (2nd) silver medal, Rings 7.800 (5th) and High Bar 7.400 (6th).

In the level 1 Elite for boys aged 9 the club was represented by TJ Carpenter who scored a total of 47.784 to be placed overall 27th in a competition with forty five (45) gymnasts taking part.

In the level 1 Club competition for nine year old boys the club had both Aston Charlton and Logan Cope taking part. Ashton scored a total of 49.617 to be placed19th overall and Logan scored a total of 45.667 in 29th place. This competition had an entry of forty one (41) gymnasts.

In the level 2 Club competition Waveney was represented by Oliver Willey in an event involving fifty five (55) gymnasts. He scored an impressive 55.902 to finish in overall 2nd place and winner of the silver medal. Oliver also managed to be placed in the top ten places on four out of the six pieces of apparatus with Rings 9.267 (5th), Pommel Horse 9.267 (10th), Parallel Bars 9.300 (2nd) silver medal, High Bar 9.300 (2nd) silver medal.

In the level3 Club competition again the number of gymnasts was over fifty at fifty three (53). Here we were represented by Sonny Warboys and Murphy Keeler-Reynolds. Sonny scored a total of 46.384 to be placed 39th and Murphy scored 45.068 to be placed 43rd.

In the level 4 Club competition the entries were thirty nine (39) gymnast and Brodie Davis and Harley Hawes both performed well throughout the competition. Brodie scored a total of 54.235 to be placed overall 8th, which included a top ten finish on three pieces of apparatus, Floor 8.834 (8th), Pommel Horse 9.600 (2nd) silver medal, Parallel Bars 9/400 (5th); Harley scored a total of 49.369 to finish in 22nd place.

In the Whitlock under fourteen competition there was a field of thirty one (31) gymnasts and Waveney was represented by Gregor Belousov who scored a total of 68.200 to be placed overall 4th, a really good achievement. Gregor had an excellent all round competition making the top ten places on five individual pieces of apparatus. On Floor 11.600 (10th), Pommel Horse 11.250 (4th), Rings 10.600 (10th), Vault 11.800 (8th) Parallel Bars 12.650 (1st) gold medal.

At the end of this major competition the club managed to win a total of eleven medals, which is a great success and is most encouraging for the future of the sport at the club. Much of the success of the boys section has been down to the quality of coaching by the coaching team under the Head Coach Alex Row. The work of Ashleigh Moore has been outstanding in his last two years at the club, but we wish him well as he takes up a post in Australia from the end of September, where he will have the opportunity to broaden his knowledge of gymnastics and perhaps return to the club to help continue to produce the gymnasts for the future. We wish him well and thank him for his excellent contributions and development of the men's coaching staff at Waveney Gymnastics Club.

Article and images submitted to the Lowestoft Journal.